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Hastur! Hastur! Hastur!

04.20.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Three Aspects of the Dead God for Your Old School Games He Who Is Not To Be Named Also Known As: The Unspeakable One, Magnum Innominandum Alignment: Lawful Portfolio: Mountains, Duty, Obedience, Punishment Worshipers: Monks, Shepherds, Mountain-Dwelling Cultures This aspect of Hastur is the sole occupant of a remote and ancient monastery on the Plateau ...

Dyson’s Goblin Gully

04.12.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

 This weekend I am running a public Labyrinth Lord game using Dyson’s most excellent Goblin Gully one-page dungeon.  This will only be my second public game of LL as a DM (my first was a special one-shot version of X1 The Isle of Dread for GottaCon 2011), and I am a little nervous. I ...